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Returning God's Gifts E-Newsletter May 26, 2017
A legacy is something handed down, from one generation to the next.  Sometimes legacies are enshrined in art or cultivated through culture and heritage.  Legacies are passed down from parents or grandparents to grandchildren in the form of faith, values and shared experience.
A public legacy can be a social movement—think of Martin Luther King Jr. A public legacy can take the form of buildings like a museum or zoo.  In the Catholic Church, our public legacies are often the parish communities to which we belong.  Think about the parish in which you attend Mass every week.  At one point, the parish community believed the mission of Christ to be so important that they’d build a church.  In this church, generations of Catholics have celebrated—and will celebrate—the Sacraments together: baptisms, first communions, weddings, funerals and everything in between. Most people’s legacies are rightly passed on to their children: faith, values, and temporal assets. But most people are also interested in leaving a legacy for the community that walked with them through the journey of life and helped to shape their family’s values.
What is your legacy to your parish?  Contact me and let's talk. 
--Jamie Crane, Planned Giving Officer. 719.866.6518.